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24 hours in Tromsø

Tromsø has that urban city vibe, and yet nature is right at your feet. If you’re visiting Tromsø by cruise or bus and only have a few hours to explore, it’s still possible to experience our beautiful city. We’ve gathered some tips on how to get the most out of Tromsø, in only a few hours.

City and nature

Exploring Tromsø on a bike is a great opportunity to move around quickly and yet be able to grasp both the urban culture as well as our beautiful nature. We offer various tours and rental-opportunities to suit your needs via Tromsø Outdoor. Riding through vibrant city secrets and off the beaten track, you’ll be able to see several of Tromsø’s must-see highlights in just a few hours. In the northernmost botanic garden, Arctic Alpine Botanic Garden, you will find small and colourful arctic species along with plants from alpine and cold areas from 5 different continents.

Only a 30 minute walk from downtown Tromsø and over the bridge you will hit the Cable Car. Going up on Fløya mountain, you’ll get one of the best and memorable views of Tromsø. The famous Tromsø Cathedral, Ishavskatedralen, can also be visited on your way there.

Bus 33 from the city centre will take you on a scenic route around the island, where you’ll be able to visit Tromsø University, the Science Center of Northern Norway or even getting off at Telegrafbukta which offers great views and a nice walk back into the city.

Off the shore

Imagine walking around the busy Market Place in the centre of Tromsø, and within a 30 minute RIB-boat ride, suddenly realizing you’re surrounded only by spectacular nature and fjords. With Green Gold of Norway you’re able to go on guided tours to beautiful Hella which is a recreation area popular for relaxing walks and fishing. Another opportunity is joining Tromsø Villmarkssenter in kayaks, paddling along the coast of Håkøya. Here you’ll get to enjoy the scenic mountain panorama and maybe even get close to arctic wildlife such as sea eagles, porpoises and seals.

Museums and city walks

If you’re interested in learning more about the history of Tromsø, the Arctic’s or maybe even beer (!), there’s plenty of options in or close to downtown Tromsø. Encountering statues and murals, hearing stories of people who crafted their destiny in the Arctic such as Roald Amundsen, Wanny Woldstad and Henry Rudi or become acquainted with the flavours of the North visiting two pubs and a micro brewery. Both Polaria, Troll Museum and the Arctic University Museum of Norway also offers guided tours, as well as interesting history and experiences.

Food and drink

No matter how much time there is, there’s always time to eat. Tromsø has a variety of cozy cafés and restaurants serving authentic Arctic ingredients. Grab a meal at Emmas or Mathallen, or enjoy the sun at Skarven’s outdoor serving. Raketten, The Rocket kiosk, was built by the young woman Margit Løkke in 1911, and has become a symbol of the heart of Tromsø. Worth a visit in the town square. 

Getting around in Tromsø

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