visit Tromsø in autumn

6 reasons to visit Tromsø in autumn

One of the best things about Tromsø is the change of seasons. From winter to summer, summer to autumn and autumn to winter. During autumn the fresh green forest will change its colors to yellow, orange and red, and you will start seeing fresh snow in the mountains. As the air turns crisp it is the perfect time of year to spend on outdoor activities, but at the same time there’s always a good excuse to spend time inside with good friends and family. 

1. Regular daylight and Northern Lights

Due to the unique position in the world we are mostly known for our Midnight sun during the summer and Arctic nights during the winter. However, during Autumn we have daylight and nighttime. This happens because the Earth is tilting away from the sun. While this is happening, we lose daylight about one minute each day. In addition to this, the Northern Lights season sets in at the end of August, which gives you the perfect opportunity to experience the Aurora before the snow arrives, and with the backdrop of the autumn forest. It is magical! Learn more about the Northern Lights here. 

2. Lower temperatures and knitted sweaters

From our summer temperatures of 15˚C - 20˚C, we lower to between 11˚C - 5˚C. Depending on the Northern winds it will feel a bit colder. This gives you a nice excuse to start using your favorite knit sweater to keep warm, and if you don’t already have one, Tromsø has plenty to sell in all different colors and styles. Visit our partner Snarby Strikkestudio and Husfliden to get a tease! Even though the temperatures will be lower, you can still experience a good amount of sunny days. Therefor we suggest thinking layered clothing when visiting. With darker and colder days, the locals love cuddling up with lit candles either at home or in the city’s cozy bars with good friends and boardgames. 

3. Outdoor Activities

Autumn activities in Tromsø are many; go on spectacular hikes in red and orange colored mountains, go on boat trips around the city or explore the region, go biking in the mountains or in the city, relax along the coast kayaking, or get to know the cute huskies that will take you dog sledding, or just let you cuddle as much as you want. 

Being outside in our autumn colored nature you will have good opportunities of seeing wildlife, as well as picking berries and mushrooms. Depending on the time you go hiking you might see different shades of light from sunsets to Northern Lights. You can learn more and book all activities here.

4. Citylife and festivals

As the weather in Tromsø varies a lot, it is nice to know that we have a whole range of options for indoor activities. Go swimming and play around in the indoor pool Tromsøbadet, take your family to the Science Centre or meet the seals Lyra and Loffen in the exhibition centre Polaria. Our cities many museums are also perfect to explore on a rainy day. See our museums here.   

If you enjoy shopping, there are options both in the city centre, as well as in shopping malls in and outside of the city. Or why not buy a book at one of our bookshops and have a coffee while reading in one of our many cafés

In autumn, more cultural events starts popping up again after summer, and festivals like Tromsø Jazz festival, Rakettnatt and SMAK takes place. You can follow our events here. 

5. Accommodation 

We can’t say it enough - autumn and its crisp air makes it way more tempting to cuddle up inside! In and around Tromsø there are several options for suitable accommodation within all budgets and needs. Book a nice hotel room with breakfast included and views towards the Arctic Cathedral and Cable Car, or rent cabins and holiday homes off the beaten track. Even more exciting might be to spend the night in a crystal lavvu watching the Northern Lights, or maybe in a yurt combining your overnight stay with fun activities like kayaking and hiking. Explore more of our adventure and accommodation combinations here. 

6. Flight connections to Tromsø

Even being far north and remote, Tromsø is very well connected with the rest of the world. Did you know our little airport is an International airport. We receive international flights every day, as well as connections to Oslo International airport almost every hour. Tromsø airport also have direct flights to other cities in Norway like Bodø, Kirkenes and Longyearbyen in Svalbard, and can therefore easily be combined while exploring Northern Norway. Learn more about travel information in and around Tromsø here

We’re excited to welcome you to our city, and remember that you can always contact or visit our Tourist Information.