Accessibility in Tromsø

In this article, you will get a useful overview of how Tromsø is accessible for people with disabilities. We hope this information will contribute to you having a pleasant stay while visiting us.

Tromsø is a compact city. It is relatively easy to get around, and the city is perhaps more accessible than you expect. For activities and trips around the region, there are many suppliers who happily make arrangements for people with disabilities. But it is important to know that parts of the city, as well as some types of activities and tours, may be inaccessible or challenging.

To get the best possible experience, we recommend that you contact the desired supplier directly to book a private tour instead of a tour in a larger group. Feel free to contact the Tourist Information Centre at Visit Tromsø for more information.

Getting around the city

Tromsø city centre

The city centre is mostly flat and attractions are close by within walking distance or a short bus ride. In the winter the snow is cleared, and some city footpaths are heated which means they are free from snow and ice. Nevertheless, on days with heavy snow fall it might be challenging to move around, despite heated footpaths.

Museums, galleries and experience centers

The major museums, galleries and experience centers around town, like Polaria, are all wheelchair accessible with ramps and /or lifts. Polaria even has a lift to their seal exhibit as well as their cafe. The Polar Museum is unfortunately only wheelchair accessible on its ground floor.  


Aurora Kino also has a lift for wheelchair access if you’d like to see a movie or are here during the Tromsø Film Festival.

Cafes, bars and restaurants

Cafes, bars and restaurants in the city centre are within walking distance of most major attractions and many are equipped with ramps and have space to accommodate wheelchairs. Many of them also have HC toilets available including smaller cafes.

See our listings of where to eat and drink in Tromsø and call them directly when booking if you have need specific information.


Many of the hotels in town have wheelchair-accessible rooms, ramps, HC toilets, elevators and parking. The major hotels, like Clarion Hotel The Edge, Radisson Blu Hotel, Clarion Collection Hotel Aurora, Quality Hotel Saga, Scandic Ishavshotel, Smart Hotel Tromsø, Thon Hotel Tromsø, Clarion Collection Hotel With, Comfort Hotel Xpress Tromsø  are fully accessible for guests and several hotels have handicap rooms adapted for wheelchair users (manual / electric) with walk-in showers. All have access to disabled parking and HC toilets.

Also Sommarøy Arctic Hotel and Malangen Resort have facilities for disabled. These hotels are located in the Tromsø region.  

When you are reviewing hotel options on our site look for the accessibility information listed on the hotel details on our website for specific information on each.

Sights and activities 

Cable car

During the summer and autumn, the Cable Car is a fantastic way to see Tromsø. One of the gondolas is wheelchair friendly. There is a separate entrance for wheelchair users on the northern side of the lower station. When you reach the upper station, you can take the lift from the platform directly up to the viewing platform and Fjellstua. A companion is necessary. NB: If you have purchased tickets online via the website, you can go straight to the wheelchair entrance when you arrive at the Cable Car. If you present your companion card, your companion can travel free of charge.

In the wintertime snow and ice can make accessing the wheelchair entrance from the car park or bus stop difficult. It is up a small, but steep hill, so we suggest you have some help and try to park as closely as possible to the entrance.

The Arctic Cathedral

Visiting the Arctic Cathedral is a wonderful experience. Visiting the cathedral in summer time you will find that the building is easily accessed. In the winter there is a ramp, however, it may be difficult to access the entrance from the car park without assistance. Inside the church there is a lift and HC toilets and to view concerts its no problem to enter with a wheelchair.

Tours and activites in general

Many tours and experiences can cater to visitors with accessibility issues, however, access to all activities planned for that tour day can depend on your specific needs. Most of the tours require guests to be able to sit in a normal seat with their wheelchair stored.

Dog and reindeer sledding can be accessible depending on how limited your mobility is. For example, in a dog sled you need to be able to have some use of your legs to be able to sit comfortably. Equally in the reindeer sled you must be able to sit in the carriage. If you believe it will be difficult to hold on to the sled, you can choose an option where the guide drives the sled. 

Have a look at our activities and we recommend you contact suppliers directly if you are uncertain. There are several suppliers who specialize in activities for guests with mobility challenges, including Tromsø Accessible Tours.

When in doubt its best to contact our activity suppliers directly well in advance. You can also feel free to contact us, or drop by us at the Tromsø's Official Tourist Information Centre here at the Port Terminal when you arrive in Tromsø. We can help you prepare an itinerary for your stay in the Arctic Capital.

Northern light tours

Yes you can do a Northern Lights tour in a wheelchair! However, many suppliers have limitations so its best to contact us at the Offical Tourist Information Centre. We will help you find the supplier that best fits your specific needs. There are several suppliers who have transport that accommodates wheelchairs as well as others who can store your wheelchair if you are able to sit in a normal seat.

Note that Northern Lights tours or chases can take many hours. Whilst HC toilets are accessible on some routes, its not always possible to stop and find a HC toilet. Equally when on a chase many tour operators like to take guests on a short hike away from the vehicle to avoid light pollution. This can be problematic if you have accessibility issues.

Therefore, the best recommendation is to book a private tour where you can stop close to a HC toilet. The tour operator will find a location where you can view the lights close to the car without any walking.

There are several tour companies who specialise in tours for visitors with accessibility issues and can ensure that you have a great experience. Contact us directly for more information.

Fjord tours and whale safaris

Whilst smaller boats like RIB boats are unable to take a wheelchair, you can enjoy a tour or even a whale safari on some of the larger boats. Keep in mind that your wheelchair might need to be stored. Many of the smaller boats whilst being able to store a wheelchair, might not have HC toilets. Contact suppliers directly when booking for details.

Accessibilty in nature

Some open air recreational areas in and around Tromsø are adapted for people with reduced mobility. On Ishavskysten Friluftsråd's website, you will find an overview of the areas that are specially adapted for wheelchair users (in Norwegian only). In several of them there are HC toilets, bonfire spots and shelters.

Accessible transport and parking

Tromsø Port Terminal

Tromsø port terminal at Prostneset has a ramp and also lifts. This is where you find Tromsø's official tourist information centre, the Hurtigruten terminal, the express boats/ferries and the regional buses. 

If you would like an itinerary planned with accessibility in mind for your time around Tromsø don’t hesitate to contact us at Visit Tromsø.

City Buses

Most public buses are wheelchair accessible with low entryways and ramps. A concession fare (50% of the ordinary fare) is available to seniors (over 67) and blind/disabled passengers with a concession card from the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV). Guide dogs and companions of blind/disabled passengers may travel free of charge. 

For more information on purchasing tickets and bus routes see our page on Tromso city buses.

Regional buses

There are a number of regional bus lines and private bus companies. Whilst many cater to travellers with accessibility issues, its best to confirm with them directly before you arrive. In general whilst local Tromsø buses are wheelchair accessible the further you travel within the region the more planning you might require.
For more information on purchasing tickets and bus routes see our page on getting around.

Tromsø taxies

There are two local Tromsø taxi companies which can accommodate wheelchair users with advanced notice. Tromsø taxi can accommodate up to three wheelchairs for those travelling as a group. The other taxi company is Din Taxi. Be sure to call them directly and book.

Renting a car

There is a limited selection of vehicles available for rent within Tromsø. It can not be guaranteed that you will be able to secure a vehicle that meets your needs if you are in a wheelchair, so we would recommend contacting the rental companies directly for booking.

Keep in mind public transport in Tromsø is wheelchair accessible. Many tour providers have vehicles that accommodate guests with accessibility issues, particularly if you book a private tour. If you are unable to secure a rental car big enough, don’t worry, you can still get around and enjoy your time here. It just takes a little more planning.


There are disabled parking spaces throughout Tromsø city and around the island as well as close to the cable car and Arctic Cathedral. Tromsø parking has a map of available spaces on their website. It is in Norwegian, but if you select the wheelchair icon from their drop down menu, you can see a view of all disabled parking places on the map.


Regional ferries are able to accommodate wheelchairs, but we recommend you check according to the ferry you are planning to take. See our information page on regional ferries for more details.

Hurtigruten and Havila Voyages

Hurtigruten: All the Hurtigruten ships are accessible for people with disabilities, and have at least one cabin equipped for travelers using a wheelchair. There are also cabins for those traveling with a guide dog. 

Havila Voyages: The ship is are accessible for people with disabilities, and have a multiple cabins equipped for travelers using a wheelchair. There are also cabins for those traveling with a guide dog.