Moose in winter in Polar Park in Northern Norway


Bardu offers access to unspoiled wilderness, showcasing national parks and the captivating Polar Park, the world's northernmost animal park.

General information

Bardu is a scenic municipality in Troms county about a two-hour drive from Tromsø. The municipality is easily accessible to visitors with three airports – Tromsø, Evenes and Bardufoss – all within reasonable travelling distance.


Bardu is described as a wilderness municipality owing to its expansive uncultivated and mountain areas. The municipality’s motto, which translates as “Quality and wellbeing in unspoiled surroundings”, needs no further explanation. You can enjoy one nature-based experience after another here – all year round. The unique Arctic light during the polar night, the biting cold and dancing northern lights in winter stand in stark contrast to long bright summer nights under the golden rays of the midnight sun.

National parks

There are two magnificent national parks in Bardu, Rohkunborri and Øvre Dividalen, offer wonderful hiking trips in scenic surroundings. These wilderness areas contain high mountains and glaciers and are among the most remote areas in Norway. Not surprisingly, Bardu is an attractive area for outdoor activities such as hunting and fishing.

Polar Park

A major attraction in Bardu is the Polar Park Arctic Wildlife Centre. This is the world’s northernmost wildlife park and is home to several of Norway’s largest predators. You can meet brown bears, wolves and lynxes, as well as red deer, elk (aka moose), reindeer and muskoxen.


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