Northern light in crystal Lavvo

Adventure accommodation

Several providers in the Tromsø region offer adventure accommodation under the northern night sky. In winter, you can combine unique accommodation with activities such as dog sledding, whale watching, reindeer sledding, kayaking and Northern Lights hunting, while in summer you can go on multi-day sailing trips in beautiful Arctic waters.  

The concept of adventure accommodation attracts guests searching for a slightly different and authentic experience. These guests are often tempted by getting closer to the nature, culture or history of the place they are visiting. 

Many providers offer accommodation in a lavvu. These solid Sami herdsmen’s tents are well adapted to Arctic conditions. Spending the night in a cosy lavvu with the warmth of a crackling fire is a wonderful way to experience the wilderness. It enables you to really sense the feeling of freedom and take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. From September to April, providing the sky is cloudless, the Northern Lights often dance in the night sky right outside the tent. 

Accommodation on boats combined with whale watching safaris is offered from November to January. Getting close to large marine mammals such as humpback whales and orcas (aka killer whales) is a momentous experience for most people. After an exciting day at sea, the boats generally dock in a secluded bay offering views of coastal communities and mountains. Guests can discuss the day’s nature-based experiences around the dinner table and often be enriched with new acquaintances across national borders. 

Most adventure accommodation includes local food experiences. The Tromsø region is a culinary treasure trove and the proud northern Norwegian food traditions remain strong. Guests are often served self-caught fish, bidos (reindeer stew) made with local ingredients, or other dishes originating from the local area. 

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