Enjoy a cool Summer in Tromsø

Summer is the season of long days and outdoor recreation. Join the locals as we come out of winter hibernation and fill the blooming streets of Tromsø.

Summer suddenly hits the Arctic Capital around May, but we have had snow days even in June. As the landscape gets greener, we enjoy longer days either in the mountains surrounding Tromsø, or the parks and outdoor recreation areas in the city. The most daring souls even go for swims in Telegrafbukta. Summer has varied weather and can be cold even when the sun is out. 

During the Arctic summer nights, the city of Tromsø never sleeps and we enjoy every minute of the orange sun, also called the midnight sun season. The midnight sun is a natural phenomenon that only occurs in places north of the Arctic Circle. Between late May until late July the sun never sets and you can explore many activities, the majestic mountains, Arctic wildlife and the sound of the waves 24 hours a day.

There are several festivals taking place both in the city and the Tromsø region, and you will find both locals and travellers enjoying a cold drink around the city centre and harbour.