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Sightseeing is a must when you visit new places!

In Tromsø, you can pick and choose between a wide range of sightseeing options all year round. Tromsø is a varied city with many cultural offerings, exciting attractions and historic streets. The small and compact city centre is perfect for exploring on foot or by bike. If you choose to go on a guided city walk, you get extra value for money. Local guides have a wealth of exciting stories to share with you. 

Tromsø has a rich, colourful and extensive history, which has played a part in making the city what it is today. The polar history adds a fascinating dimension. Did you know that Tromsø is known as the “Gateway to the Arctic Ocean”? Or that Roald Amundsen spent a lot of time here and is honoured with two different monuments in the city centre? 

If you choose to join a guided historical city walk, you will enrich your cultural capital and be fascinated by all the great personalities who have called Tromsø home. The city walks include the classic tourist attractions and sights such as the Arctic Cathedral, Cable Car and Tromsø Cathedral. The guides often add to the experience by taking you to Tromsø’s hidden gems like colourful streets with venerable wooden houses or secluded and cosy cafés

You can also go sightseeing on the beautiful island of Tromsøya. Highlights include the city beach Telegrafbukta and the idyllic lake Prestvannet, where the locals enjoy spending their free time. We also recommend guided tours of the various attractions and museums, such as food experiences combined with culture and storytelling. 

We wish you a memorable sightseeing experience. Remember to soak up all the impressions that pulsating and hospitable Tromsø has to offer you! 

City sightseeing

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