bear cub on a birch in the wild

Arctic wildlife in Norway

Whales, huskies, sea eagles, seals, bears, wolfs, reindeer and so much more. There are plenty of animals in the Tromsø region, and some you will meet in the wild, whereas some you can meet up close and personal.

Up close

Our huskies are some of the most popular animals to go meet in Tromsø. They’re always up for cuddles, takes you dog sledding and you can join husky walks surrounded by Northern Norwegian nature. Another animal you are very certain to see when visiting is reindeer. They often walk along the road so you should be extra careful when driving, especially during summer. You can get up close to the animals by visiting Sami experiences like reindeer feeding and reindeer sledding. If you want to meet other wild animals you should go to PolarPark, about a 2 hour drive from Tromsø. Meet the new bear cubs born in January 2020, Ulrik the muskox and his friends, wolfs, lynx, Arctic fox and more. And did you know that we have wild animals you can meet right in the heart of the city centre? The seals Bella, Mai San, Loffen and Lyra lives in the Arctic visitor centre Polaria. Joined by other sea animals from Polar regions, this is the perfect place to learn more about Arctic wildlife.

Out in the wild

The wildlife in Tromsø can be seen from land, along the road as you go for hikes, or explored by boat. Several of our suppliers take you on guided tours around the region to get the best views of majestic whales, sea eagles, birdlife and reindeer hearding in the mountains. They know the best spots, and mixed with wildlife experiences you will be surrounded by beautiful nature summer and winter. See all of our wildlife safaris further down on the page.

Culture and history

Tromsø has a long history of Polar exhibitions, seal hunting and winter trapping. The Polar Museum displays a permanent exhibition were you can learn more about this part of our culture in an old building on the seafront of Tromsø harbour.

Visit the Arctic University Museum of Norway and get to know the changes of nature in the Arctic throughout the years, and the Arctic animals following this. Here you will learn stories from everything to the (not always popular) city seagulls to farm animals of Northern Norway, and wild animals like bear and grouse.

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