Orca spyhopping near Tromsø in winter

Whale watching in the Tromsø region

Experiencing the whale in its natural habitat is a magnificent experience. The sea areas off Skjervøy, north of Tromsø, are the whales’ hunting grounds. From November to January, these giant marine mammals migrate towards the coast in search of herring.

Several of Visit Tromsø’s activity providers offer whale experiences of various durations and forms. The most popular option starts in Tromsø and lasts all day. After travelling for several hours by minibus or boat to Skjervøy, we join experienced guides and skippers as they set off to spot the whales.

Some guests choose to travel to Skjervøy on their own and set off from there.

The cold fjords near Skjervøy are frequented by orcas, humpback whales and minke whales. You may be lucky to see the whales from land, but boat trips offer the greatest experiences. Curious animals sometimes come all the way up to the boat to explore.

No whale guarantee is offered. Our members follow strict guidelines, keep the necessary distance and ensure the whales are not disturbed. Everything takes place on nature’s terms.

More than exotic wildlife  

The wildlife is not the only impressive part of whale watching safaris. You can also enjoy spectacular views that only Northern Norway can offer. The whale watching season coincides with a period of large variations in light. The Polar Night in Tromsø stretches from around 27 November to 15 January. However, there is not constant darkness. When the sky brightens for a while in the middle of the day, we get a magical mix of dusk and dawn. It’s hard to beat the sight of a whale fin in front of pink polar skies and snow-capped mountains.

Wipe the dust off your camera lens, dress warmly and join us for a nature-based experience!

Did you know that...?

Whales follow the herring shoals. Some time ago, you could experience the marine mammals just off the coast of Tromsø. In recent years, the whales’ pantry has moved further north and, since 2017, whales have stayed in the Skjervøy area. No one knows if they will remain there next year, or in the years to come.

Nice to know 

  • Season: Beginning of November through the end of January. 
  • Where: North of Tromsø, in recent years in the area around Skjervøy. 
  • Options: Return boat trip from Tromsø, or return bus/minibus trip Tromsø-Skjervøy combined with boat from Skjervøy.
  • Remember to bring: Warm clothes, winter boots, woollen hat and mittens. 
  • Meals: Some excursions include meals while other offer sale of food and drinks on board the boats. Make sure to check what applies for your trip.
  • Duration: 6-8 hours by boat from Tromsø, approximately 12 hours by bus from Tromsø and boat from Skjervøy.


Whale diving into the sea in the Tromso region

Daily guided whale watching

Join us on a memorable Whale Safari from our luxurious boat. Experienced guides share fascinating details about humpbacks, orcas and porpoises in their natural habitat!

An orca with the catamaran MS Gabriele in the background

Whale watching by Gabriele

 More time with the whales, more time for you to cherish. Join us for an unforgettable adventure!

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