Ski touring in the Tromsø region, Northern Norway

Ski touring? Check our tips of what to pack!

Packing your backpack is an important part of any ski touring adventure. Even though your backpack should always be as light as possible, there are some “musts” that you should never go ski touring without! 

Let’s start with the most important first: transceiver and map. Note that you should wear this separately and not put it in your backpack.

The next step is to choose a smart and durable backpack with many compartments. The right equipment is important for your safety and enjoyment during the adventure.

It’s then time to focus on the contents of the backpack (this list is based on packing for a day trip):

  1. You should always have a probe and shovel in your backpack. We recommend putting them in a separate pocket, so they are easily accessible if you are unfortunate enough to encounter an avalanche.
  2. Packing a bivvy bag for protection from weather and wind is essential when venturing outside.
  3. Pack a good first aid kit containing painkillers and sports tape.
  4. You should always pack ski crampons, which are important if your skins don’t provide enough grip when you encounter an icy ascent. 
  5. Pack an extra jacket (preferably windproof) and extra mittens in case you lose a mitten along the way. 
  6. Packed lunch and water bottle. Pack your water bottle in your extra jacket to prevent it freezing as quickly. Some skiers prefer to have their bottle in front of their backpack so it’s more accessible. 
  7. A compass is important if you are in unfamiliar terrain and the weather is poor.
  8. A headlamp is important for safety in case your adventure lasts longer than expected and drags on into the evening, regardless of whether you expect it to get dark or not.
  9. Pack extra batteries for your transceiver and headlamp. 
  10. Pack a small repair kit with tools to repair your bindings and other equipment.
  11. Bring binoculars to monitor the conditions. This also improves your chances of striking good snow conditions.
  12. Bring a camera to document your ski touring adventure.
  13. You should almost always pack snow goggles, especially to enhance visibility in rough weather. Sunglasses are also important in the spring. Don’t forget sunscreen if the sun is shining.
  • If you are heading into slightly more demanding terrain, it’s important to pack an ice axe and boot crampons. You should always pack glacier equipment such as a harness and rope if you are crossing a glacier.
  • Note that this article is not designed for such demanding trips, which require special preparations.

Remember that the Norwegian mountains are fickle and that accidents happen every year. The weather is unpredictable and can change quickly. There is generally a high risk of avalanches in Northern Norway, so you need to take many precautions. Troms og Finnmark is the county with the highest avalanche risk. Consequently, good preparations are essential. Always check the weather forecast and the avalanche forecast on before starting. It’s important not to overestimate your own abilities and remember: Don’t be ashamed to turn around.

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