Dog sledding in winter landscape

Dog sledding in Tromsø

Dog sledding allows you to experience the northern Norwegian wilderness in a completely unique way. With the wind in your face and the sight of wagging dog tails, you sense the most beautiful of all: Arctic silence. 

Although the huskies welcome you into their kennel with a howl, it becomes virtually silent as soon as the brake is released. The team of polar dogs then do what they like best: run!

Feeling the power of the dogs while you glide through the scenic landscape around Tromsø is a unique experience. Many are surprised by how peaceful dog sledding is. However, depending on the type of trip you choose, it can be action-packed too. Visit Tromsø’s activity providers offer something to suit every taste and level of fitness. Most trips involve dog sledding in pairs, with one as the “musher” (driver) and the other a passenger. Professional guides provide a thorough introduction about everything from harnessing the dogs to driving techniques.

Some people opt to ride with the guide. Family-friendly trips are available, and some dog kennels have puppies that enjoy being cuddled.

Dog sledding has long traditions in the north

In the old days, dog sledding was an important means of transport to carry goods between the settlements. In modern times, it has become a sport and lifestyle for many locals, as well as a popular activity for visitors. Several local providers are professional “mushers” who will gladly share their stories and passion for the sport. The Alaskan husky is the most common sled dog and is a fast and good-natured dog created for northern Norwegian conditions.

You don’t need to wait for the snow...

Most people think of dog sledding as a typical winter activity. Many a person dreams of watching the Northern Lights dancing in the winter sky while sitting on a sled wrapped up in warm clothes and a reindeer skin. The Northern Lights season, which stretches from September to March, offers good chances to make this dream come true. 

However, you don’t have to wait for the snow to settle if you are keen to try dog sledding. Several companies offer dog “sledding” trips in four-wheels carts before the snow arrives and after it melts. The dogs love to run – all year round.

Dog sledding in an unforgettable experience, regardless of the season. You will leave with a big smile on your face, a memory card full of photos and four-legged friends for life!

Did you know?

  • Season: Year-round. Dog sledding on snow: November-March (depending on snow conditions). Dog sledding on wheels: April-October. 
  • Where: The areas surrounding Tromsø. Guests are transported by minibus/bus to dog kennels where the trips start. 
  • Options: Half-day trips, full-day trips and two-day trips including an overnight stay. 
  • Remember to bring: Woollen underwear. You can borrow warm clothes and winter boots. 
  • Meals: Meals are included on some of the trips. 
  • Suitable for: Most people as a passenger. Children under age eight are recommended to sit with an adult. If you want to drive the dog team yourself, you must be at least 16 years old and be in normal physical fitness. 


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