Overview of Tromsø in winter from above

Where to find parking in Tromsø

Parking options in the city centre range from parking in the street to outdoor car parks and in the tunnels. No free parking is available in the city centre during the day on weekdays. Different regulations apply for different parking zones so please check the signs carefully before parking.

Parking on the street

Parking on the street is only permitted where you see a parking sign: a white P on a blue background. Such signs clearly state the times when you have to pay for parking. These times apply only to weekdays. Times stated in brackets are for Saturdays. You can park free of charge at other times, including on Sundays and public holidays. However, please note that in some areas you need to pay at all times, regardless of the day or time. Find the nearest parking meter and pay for the time you intend to park by coins or credit card. Please remember to clearly display the ticket in your windscreen. “Maks 2 timer mot avgift” means maximum 2 hours by payment.  

Outdoor car parks

Car parks are marked with the sign stating the times when you have to pay for parking. Pre-payment is made at the automatic ticket-dispensing machine by purchasing a paper ticket which should be clearly displayed in your windscreen.

Tunnel parking

In Tromsø there are also underground parking areas in the tunnels, which have entrances/exits in the city centre. Tunnel parking uses an automated barrier system. You park your car in an empty space and can leave it there for as long as you like. Charges vary according to the time of day. There are several payment options. One option is to take a ticket before going through the barrier. Payment is then made at the payment machines before retrieving your car. If you choose this option, simply insert the same ticket at the barrier on your way out. Payment can also be made at the barrier upon entry and exit by credit card or pre-paid parking card. No ticket is issued.

Camper vans

Tromsø Camping provides spaces for camper vans. Otherwise there are no specific parking areas for camper vans in the city centre. Tromsø Camping has an emptying facility for chemical toilets. Camper vans may be parked in any parking bays as long as they fit within the markings.


Parking places reserved for motorbikes are located near Rådhuset (City Hall) in Grønnegata. Please remember to clearly display your pre-paid parking ticket.

Tourist busses

Overnight parking for visiting tourist buses is possible at Nansenplassen by the Tromsø Bridge and in the area south of Polaria (by the Hålogaland Theatre).


Fines will be issued if tickets are not displayed correctly, if the pre-paid time has expired or if you have not purchased a ticket. Please note that fines can be substantial. Violating Norwegian parking regulations may also result in your car being towed away at your own expense. 

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