Målselv ulv polar park

Polar Park

Imagine our ancestors wandering through rugged, mountainous landscapes covered in snow – with the aurora dancing overhead and the eerie sound og howling of wolves in the distance. This experience might be hard to come by in the modern day life, however a visit to Polar park in Northern Norway might give you a glimpse of the wild Polar Park, deep in the wilderness of Inner Troms, is the worlds northernmost animal park and home to wolves, bears, lynx, moose, reindeer and deer, surrounded by stunnning and remote wilderness. 

About us

Meet the arctic animals

A visit in Polar Park provides you with a glimpse of the Nordic wildlife. Here the animals live in large and spacious enclosures, where they are free to roam as they please. The experience is funded on animal welfare in natural surroundings, so to catch a glimpse of the animals you need to walk at a slow pace, armed with patience!

The northern species up close

The majestic moose is often spotted while snacking on birch, watching you from beind a tree. On your first left our beautiful deers love to spend time near the fence and are easy to see. The musk-ox is originally from Greenland, but have been around for many years in the Bardu region. Spend some time near the lynx enclosures, this gracious animal might emerge silently on it’s large paws adapted for walking on snow! Our famous bears Salt and Pepper, one brown and one albino, were born in 2009 immediatly becoming a tv sensation in Norway attracting visitors from near and far to Polar Park. In January of 2020 3 new bear cubs were born, slowly stealing all of the attention. Not to forget the wolfs that you will meet in two different wolf packs in the park.

Guided tours

If you feel in need of a guide, you can request one before arrival who will accompany you and your friends for a tour of the park. Then you can ask all the questions you may have, and learn more about the Nordic wildlife and our four-legged friends. 

Wolf encounters
On Wednesdays and Fridays we arrange Wolf Visit, our most sought after experience. The park habituates the wolves by letting them spend time with our animal keepers from young age. We started this practice in 2008. An important part of this is to ensure the wellbeing of the animal. The wolf is usually afraid of humans, but by accustoming it to scent, sounds and movements, the instinct to escape is reduced. However, the wolf is to no extent tamed! We try to maintain the connection throughout the life span of the wolf. This allows us to experience the wolf close-up within a controlled environment. At the same time, it is enrichment for the wolf, by activating it on different levels, and providing mental stimulation every day, especially with new scents. 

Our visitors can participate in close-up encounters, but with some restrictions because the wolves need rest between visits. This opportunity for close-up encounters with wolves is a unique experience we want to share with you!


Polar Park
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Visit Polar Park

Visit Polar Park

Polar Park is the world's northernmost animal park, and home to Norway's large predators such as bears, wolves, and lynx...