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How can you be a more responsible guest to the Tromsø region?

The Tromsø region is fragile and beautiful, so it must be treated with great respect.
To help us minimise the negative consequences that tourism can have on nature, wildlife, cultural monuments and people, there are several things you as a guest can do. Making the right choices is much easier than many people think.

Here are our simple tips for making responsible and green choices when you visit us:

Stay longer while you’re already here

When we travel here, our transport to get here and back again is the main contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. Consequently, as a guest, we recommend staying longer and having fewer trips each year. In this way, your climate impact will be lower. We also recommend visiting other places in Northern Norway while you are here.


Travel outside the peak season

The peak season in the Tromsø region is from October to March, but the region has a lot to offer all year round. By travelling outside the busiest period, you save money and help extend the season. This in turn contributes to secure and profitable workplaces. Moreover, you will experience the places you visit even more quietly and untouched, with fewer people and more space. Maybe you will also get closer to the local people.


Choose local dishes, local products and book activities with a local guide

Tromsø is a culinary mecca, which offers delicious locally sourced treats on your plate and in your glass. Every dish tells a story. As a guest, you have every opportunity to enjoy local food and drink. Make the right choices! We also recommend buying locally made souvenirs and gifts, and book organised activities with a local guide. This way, safety and good storytelling are both taken care of. Moreover, you know that your money goes back into the local community and to the people who host you.


Explore gems off the beaten track

The Tromsø region is full of hidden gems. Try to visit the areas few people get to see – the places that you have never seen on Instagram! You will discover authentic encounters with people, natural beauty and pristine nature at these lesser-known spots. You can have a beach to yourself, pick and choose between beautiful mountain peaks or sit quietly and admire wildlife up close – together with your loved one. You will discover one experience after another in our wilderness paradise, even off the beaten track. Ask the tourist information centre for tips and advice or ask a local!


Be a temporary local

Always be considerate to the locals and respect the people who live in the place you are visiting. What about going a step further and learning some simple words and expressions in our language? This is often a door opener for good conversations. North Norwegians are warm, obliging and curious. Feel free to ask them for advice and tips about cafés, shopping or walking routes. Perhaps you will experience Tromsø in a different way than you expected. Be spontaneous, use all your senses and don’t confirm everything in advance. We recommend allowing time to get lost in our charming streets! 

Minimise transport and choose public transport. Tromsø has a good public transport service.

The most common ways to get to Tromsø are by air or boat. Unfortunately, we can’t do much about this right now. However, you can make green choices while you are here. Transport accounts for 72% of CO2 emissions in tourism. Consequently, we recommend exploring Tromsø’s colourful streets on foot or by bike or using the city’s excellent public transport, which is easy to use, affordable, efficient and pleasant! We also recommend getting a city map and asking tips and advice at our tourist information centre.


Take care of our cultural heritage

Taking care of our cultural heritage enables us to gain knowledge about the lives, traditions and ways of life of our ancestors. In many ways, our cultural heritage is our collective memory. It gives us an insight into the past but can also help us shape our own future. When you visit the Tromsø region, you will discover cultural monuments and nature in perfect harmony. This forms an important part of the guest experience. Check out preservation worthy buildings, war memorials, Stone Age rock art, old churches and new churches, such as the Arctic Cathedral. Don’t miss Raketten (the rocket kiosk), an iconic telephone booth from the 1930s that has been converted into a kiosk serving the city’s best sausages.


Choose non-motorised activities

As a way of contributing to the lowest possible greenhouse gas emissions, we recommend our guests to choose non-motorised activities when visiting us. There are many options including dog sledding, hiking, skiing, snowshoeing and kayaking. Gliding across a snowy winter landscape behind wagging dog tails with the fresh air whipping your face is a unique and special experience. All these activities offer wonderful Arctic silence and the feeling of freedom. There are a variety of levels, and you don’t need to be super fit to take part.


Choose eco-labelled attractions, accommodation and activity providers

We always recommend checking whether the operator you book with takes the environment seriously. Ask what efforts they are making when it comes to sustainability, check if they have the eco-label and ensure they have local roots, use local labour and leave money in the local community.

Below is a list of eco-labelled members of Visit Tromsø Region.


Your small contribution can make a difference! You can become a more responsible tourist. We can all do a little, but together we can do a lot.

Welcome to the Tromsø region! 

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