Tromsø bridge in winter with the Arctic Cathedral in the background

Driving conditions in Tromsø

The road conditions in Northern Norway are pretty unique and are often very different to the rest of Norway. There are quite long distances between towns and cities in the north, with many small roads often following the fjords along the coast.

The best source of information for the roads and road conditions is through The Norwegian Public Roads Administration's website.

You can also call for an English language version on the following:
From a Norwegian phone: 175
From an international phone: +47 815 48 991

Driving on winter roads 

Traveling on Tromsø's winter roads calls for extra caution and preparedness. The roads may be slippery, and conditions may be difficult, so adjusting your driving style accordingly is essential for a safe journey. Driving on your own in the winter in search of the Northern Lights has become a more popular way of Northern Lights hunting. In the North of Norway, all cars must have winter tyres fitted from 15 October until 1 May. You always need to drive in accordance with the conditions as the weather and road conditions can change very quickly here. Always check weather and road reports before setting out, drive at reduced speeds, and maintain a safe following distance to ensure a safe and enjoyable journey through Tromsø's winter wonderland.

Quick winter tips

  • Keep distances between vehicles a little longer than on clear roads.
  • Take corners a little slower.
  • Break softer and a little earlier.
  • It’s smart to have winter clothing available in the car.
  • Keep a small shovel in your car in case you get stuck in a snow drift.
  • Always check the weather forecast before you drive.


Driving on summer roads

Driving on the roads in Tromsø during the summer season often offers a more predictable and pleasant experience compared to the winter months. However, it's still crucial to prioritize safety. Given the increased traffic flow, including campers and caravans, but also cyclists and pedestrians, please be cautious when driving as the roads can be winding and steep, especially along the coastal area. Always adhere to posted speed limits, and keep an eye out for wildlife, as the region is known for its diverse fauna, which may occasionally cross the roads.

Quick summer tips

  • Be careful driving into tunnels on hot sunny days. Reindeer often go into the tunnel entrances to find a cool spot to relax.
  • We have 24-hours of daylight in the north from late May until late July. Due to the light people tend to keep driving for longer than normal. Make sure that you rest enough, take breaks and stop to sleep if you are tired.
  • When driving off the main roads, drive carefully as after the spring melt there may be some road surface damage that can damage your car.