Guesthouse white hundred-year-old wooden hotel Rundhaug Gjestegård

Rundhaug Gjestegård

Rundhaug Gjestegård (Manor) is a beautiful, historic hotel with a unique atmosphere, situated only 20 minutes from Bardufoss and two hours by car from Tromsø. The white, over hundred-year-old wooden hotel, on the banks of Målselva river has a magic charm.

About us

The nature of Målselv is absolutely outstanding with high mountains and beautiful valleys. The normally dry and cold climate is ideal for ice, snow and Northern Light - here you can really boost your chances to see the Aurora!

The range of activities is vast, it is plenty to do, but the atmosphere is decidedly chilled out. Målselv is the perfect base from witch to explore Arctic - the guests wouldn't need to spend their time traveling around; within short distance there is something for everyone's Bucket list. But there is another reason to go there too; the authenticity.

Bardufoss is the center of Målselv Municipality, 20 minutes by car from Rundhaug Gjestegård.

Distances in time from Rundhaug Gjestegård:

  • Tromsø - 1h 40 min
  • Bardufoss Airport - 20 min
  • Målselv Fjellandsby - 15 min
  • Basecamp Snowman - 15 min
  • Polabadet, water park - 20 min
  • Polar Park - 60 min
  • Senja - 40 minutes

How to get to Rundhaug?

If you're driving north on E6, exit at Olsborg.

If you come from the south on the E6, exit at junction Elverum.

Follow signs to Rundhaug / Øverbygd. Approximately 20 minutes drive.

Address: Øverbygdveien 9, 9336 Rundhaug


Rundhaug Gjestegård
Phone: +47 778 30 570
E-mail: [email protected]

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