A person on the way up a mountain

Tromsø Ski Guides

Tromsø Ski Guides offer guided ski touring adventures with certified and highly skilled ski- and mountain guides

About us

Our booked ski touring activities takes mostly place in the Tromsø region, but we also offer guided ski tour adventures in Lyngen and Senja as well. Our certified guides can bring you to summits with the most stunning views. When the weather allows us, you will often be able to ski down towards our beautiful fjords or enjoy some fantastic powder snow in the mountains. Our guests can choose to use either alpine ski touring skis or split board when participating in our adventures. We always customize our guided ski touring activities to the groups wishes and abilities. Both beginners, experienced and expert ski tourers between 12 and 80 years old can join our trips. We always try to find the best snow and the most beautiful views to our guests and our skilled guides will always keep safety first. Equipment is not a part of the package we offer and is available to rent at our rental partners.

A person on the way up a mountain
Six people on a ski tour
Four people on their way up a mountain on skiis
Full speed down the mountainside on skiis
Three people on a ski tour
Trails after skiiers down a mountain


Phone: +47992 55 065
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Web: http://www.tromsoskiguides.com
Bjørkås Terrasse, 9009 Tromsø