Wondering Reindeer

Wondering Reindeer

Wondering Reindeer AS are a Sami experience company established by to childhood friends from a small Sámi village. We grew up with reindeer herding family and our mother language is Sámi.

About us

We offer Sámi guided tour with bus from Tromsø city center to local settlements along the coastal road of Kvaløya. The places we go to see are Kaldfjord, Kattfjord, Sommarøy, Brensholmen and Buvik which are along our tour.

Our tours includes a combination of several exclusive attractions: 

  • We visit our reindeer herd which are living in wildness close to Buvik, guests will enjoy reindeer herder when hi call for his reindeers, by using a bell. Guests will arrive a small cozy traditional Sami camp with lavvo (Sami tent) and bonfire. When the herd is gathered and close to us there are opportunity to feed the reindeers by hand
  • We offer knowledge about both Sea Sámi and reindeer Sámi culture. 
  • We take customers on a sightseeing tour by bus along the coastline of Kvaløya island, surrounded by majestic mountains and arctic fjords.
  • If we are lucky and spot the northern lights on our way, we will stop at suitable locations to take pictures and absorb impressions of the Northern Lights phenomenon
  • We visit the island of Sommarøy, a group of islands in the open sea 1 hours driving from Tromsø. Guests can use some time to explore the fishing community by walking around and enjoy the sight of clear blue water and white sand beaches
  • At Sommarøy Arctic Hotell will guests enjoy food and drinks. 

We are approved in food safety, HSE and dissemination of Sami culture certified by State Administrator in Troms and Finnmark.

Wandering Reindeer has its own touring car license, which gives the right to transport customers by bus. 

Both of our tours are easy but includes some walking off the beaten track in snowy conditions. Therefore, it is not suitable for children under 3 years our strollers. If you have any handicap or disabilities, please let us know we will try to help as far as we can.


Wondering Reindeer
Phone: +47 481 76 329
E-mail: [email protected]

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