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Brim Explorer

Northern Norway’s coast – impressive, isolated and vulnerable. Stretching to the top of the world, this Arctic wilderness is an oasis for exploration and discovery. Our pioneering hybrid-electric catamaran brings a new dimension to your Arctic adventure.

About us

With environmentally conscious design driven by the latest sustainable technology, you silently carve through crystal clear waters. The sound of silence is a majestic experience, especially at sea where the absence of disturbing engine noise allows us to get even closer to nature. An underwater drone and hydrophone bring you pictures and sounds from below the surface and give you a unique insight to this deep blue world.

During the winter season we offer silent whale watching or wildlife cruises during the day, depending on the season, and evening cruises where you can combine the spectacular northern lights with an exclusive five course tasting menu. The menu is based on local produce and traditions with a modern twist. There’s also a full vegetarian menu. During the day you can purchase a selection of food and drink on board.

We welcome families on our ships and offer activities for children, a children’s menu tailored to younger pallets and a nursery for infants.

Our ship is built with universal design, enabelling guests with disabilities to participate. Guests arriving in a wheelchair will have access to the main deck where you can move both indoor and outdoor on deck and find accessible toilet facilities, the restaurant and information screens.

Our passion for the ocean and the environment is the backbone of our operation. We collaborate with Zing Ocean Conservancy, a non-profit environmental organization working to conserve and improve the ocean´s health and prevent marine pollution. As well as providing sustainable travel, we aim to give 1% of our profits to ocean conservation efforts, starting 2019.


Brim Explorer
Phone: +47 776 51 100
E-mail: [email protected]
Web: https://brimexplorer.com/

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