Ski- and snowshoeing

Skiing and snowshoeing trips

Skiing and snowshoeing trips enable you to really experience the unique Arctic silence. Since you use your body as an engine, these activities are an active and meaningful way to experience the Tromsø region. 

During the northern Norwegian winter, you will be surrounded by a sparkling white winter landscape. You can quickly feel small in the magnificent nature. Using skis or snowshoes enables you to reach untouched nature that you cannot access with normal footwear during winter. It’s silent here – completely silent. 

Most people are familiar with the concept of skiing. Snowshoeing is a good alternative for those who don’t wish to go skiing. Snowshoes enable you to access the snow-covered winter landscape in a traditional and fun way. Although snowshoeing is slightly slower than skiing, you still get to use your whole body and get close to nature. 

In the Tromsø region, quality-assured activity providers offer many exciting excursions under the safe leadership of local guides. Whether you opt for skiing or snowshoeing, your guide will start by providing the necessary training. He or she will take part in the activity, arrange hot drinks or lunch and gladly share stories about the Arctic wilderness. 

Several of the excursions on offer take place in the evening. These are even more magical when the Northern Lights are dancing in a cloudless sky. If this happens, stop, look up and enjoy the moment! 

Skiing and snowshoeing both require an average level of physical fitness, and you will get plenty of exercise on these trips. Although some companies rent out skis and snowshoes, we strongly recommend going on an organised tour with a local guide. In this region, the weather can change quickly and on occasions there may be a high risk of avalanches. As well as storytelling and practical arrangements, the guide will take care of your safety. 

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