Explore the Arctic wilderness by snowmobile!

In the wintertime, the Tromsø region transforms into a frozen wonderland. There is something magical about speeding across the snow-covered landscape on a snowmobile. You have views of majestic mountains, deep forests and frozen rivers from your seat. Remember to keep an eye out for wildlife you can encounter in the Tromsø region, such as reindeer, moose and various bird species. 

Most snowmobile tours require no prior experience or knowledge. Experienced guides provide the guests with good training including a safety briefing before setting off. They will join you on the trip to take care of safety, share stories and answer questions. Two people share each snowmobile and it’s possible to take turns driving. In Norway, a valid driving licence for normal passenger cars is required to drive a snowmobile. 

Snowmobile tours in the Tromsø region take place on prepared trails, which are easy to drive on. If you are lucky, the Northern Lights will dance in the evening sky above you. During the daytime, it’s easy to be captivated by the blue and pink Arctic light, which is a characteristic feature of the northern Norwegian winter. 

Since many locals use snowmobiles as a means of transport or for fast-paced fun in the snow, snowmobiling is without a doubt an authentic and genuine northern Norwegian winter experience. 

When you are riding a snowmobile, you will often experience the wind whipping against your face and you will feel very much alive. Dress warmly so you are prepared for cold weather. On most tours, the activity provider will supply a snowmobile suit, boots and helmet. You need to bring woollen underwear, an inner layer of clothing, a hat and gloves.  

In the Tromsø region, several different types of snowmobile tours are available. You will find options with various destinations, durations and content. Some of the trips include a dining experience around an open fire with bidos (reindeer stew) or other local or regional food on the menu. 

The Arctic offers moments you will wish to immortalise, so don’t forget to bring your camera! 

  • Strict rules apply for snowmobiling in Norway.
  • It’s only permitted to drive snowmobiles on approved trails.
  • While it’s possible to rent your own snowmobile, we strongly recommend going on an organised tour with a local guide. 

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