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Gate to the Arctic

Creating the future ambassadors of the Arctic Ocean

We will inspire the coming generations to be Arctic ambassadors and storytellers, to create initiatives that will contribute to global ocean sustainability.
Our Mission

A non-profit organization to explore, create and spread knowledge of the Arctic.

With collaboration from scientist, organizations, people and companies. We can help create awareness and make science reachable for the younger generations. 



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What we do

the first project

Clean the gate to the Arctic


Creating ambassadors and storytellers

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Creating knowledge


What we need

the first project

Clean the gate to the arctic

Mission: Bring twenty 14-20 year old youngsters to Bjørnøya and make them arctic ocean ambassadors

Clean the beaches of Bear Island, we’ve estimated to spend 2600 hours cleaning litter and doing plastic related work for our sience partners.
We will give youth an incredible experience, we teach about circular economy, giving them understanding, the facts to convince through the scientists and an attractive story to deliver  across the world.
We will document and make attractive content, podcasts, articles,  to be promoted world wide through SoMe, news agencies and everywhere the voice of the future generations will be heard. 

the outreach

creating ambassadors and storytellers 

With our partners the youth are given a platform they can tell the world what is going on in the Arctic. There they will be able to tell the audience in their own words what they see, learn and experience. This story will be strong, heard and understood. 

With our partners we have an audience of more than 5 million people.

our platform

Creating Knowledge

through action and experience    

What we do, you can too 

We will create an E-learning platform, made for classes, groups, teams and with a goal to go in to the wild. Our platform will be filled with a online course on how to and will create understandable presentation on our and your work. It will showcase circular economy - in terms of what energy plastic represent, type of product it could be transformed to.  
What we need


We want to cooperate with scientist, organizations, people and companies. We can help create awareness, brand building, and make science reachable for the younger generations. 
We want organizations and companies to make a pledge to help save and understand the Arctic. Together with our partner Ogoori we want you to develop products based on the marine litter we bring back. This is to showcase recycling and circular economy.
We will help telling our story Internal as well as external.  



ways to

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Scientific work

Are you an institution and in need of data from the Arctic regions? We can help you. You can join our expeditions, or we can collect the data you need. We can also facilitate expeditions for your institution.

Please reach out for more information!


Want to be apart of our story?  We want to showcase brands that are sustainable or taking leaps towards sustainability. If you want recycled plastic in your product or your brand or shown on our  expeditions.

Let us see what we can do together!

Join Our team

Private persons are welcome to contribute in many ways.

If you want to join our organisation with knowledge, help us to reach a broad audience, be an fundraiser or have great ideas for collaborations  you are welcome to contribute. 

Join our team!

Be a Supporter

Our aim is free participation for every youth on board. Help us give a youngster from your country the chance to visit the Arctic. This will give them the opportunity to work with scientist and give them life altering experiences. If you want to help a certain person to join us on expedition, please contact us. It will never be a luxury cruise, but an experience of a lifetime.



Clean the gate to the Arctic pilot

Our goal for 2021 was originally a full scale expedition with young Arctic Ambassadors from all over the world on three boats over a period of one month. Even if we had a number of very positive meetings and follow ups, July came way too fast to get the finances in place. We had meetings with both international companies, media and small local ventures that saw the potential of getting on board. But the time line was too short. So we changed plans, and decided to go anyway. We made this year's expedition a pilot and research expedition to lay the foundation for 2022. If you want to make a real difference you have to prove you are committed, and we are.

chasing the herring

Deep sea productions needed local knowledge to facilitate an expedition to northern Norway early winter. We in Gate to the Arctic share the goal to tell stories from the ocean, and this time they where going to the arctic. A great match for us and a great experience to spend time with filmmakers and a whale scientist. This project lasted over three weeks and we got great footage over and under the surface.

The seiland icepatch Archaeological survey project 

The glaciers in Norway have been used by humans for thousands of years, leaving behind traces and treasures. Previous projects have found Neolithic arrows, clothes from the Iron Age and Viking swords. Climate change is melting these artifacts out of the ice and destroying them, it is therefore important to save them before this happens. In September 2021 we sailed to Seiland in northern Norway in a joint Swiss-Norwegian mission, and monitor the glacier on the island, recovering artifacts and the Prehistory of this national park. The archaeology of the island has not been uncovered, but a high melt rate of the ice patches and previous chance finds indicate high archaeological potential. 

Who we are

Catharina Frostad

First and foremost she is an marketing expert with the passion for the ocean. She is the          co-founder of Clean Sea Solution - a company that uses new robot technology to clean plastic debris from the ocean. Catharina is also a avid sailor with lots of experience from regatta sailing and long distance  cruising and expeditions in cold waters. 

jon amtrup

An Author, journalist and PR adviser that has in the four last years been working as the leader of The Norwegian Society for the Conservation of Nature (Fredrikstad and Hvaler) Jon has also been behind many sailing related project and written many books about sailing in Norwegian and Arctic  waters. He is also the person behind the podcast "explore North"

hans martin halvorsen

A professional sailor and sailmaker by trade. He has extensive experience in both the racing and cruising community, holding several medals from national and international championships. Hans Martin has spent many seasons in the Arctic doing scientific expeditions and covered more than 2,000 nautical miles in a 6.5 meter vessel in Northern Greenland and the Canadian Arctic.

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